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Elderly Couple Married

To celebrate our 225th anniversary, we’re looking through our archives to bring you 225 pieces of wit, wisdom, and fun in a series we’re calling Almanac Treasures (see more of them here).

A clergyman was called out of his bed on a cold winter’s morning to marry a couple, who were then waiting for him. The parson hurried up and went shivering to this room where, seeing nobody there but an old man of seventy and a woman about the same age, he in a pet [angrily] asked what they wanted of him. The old man replied that they had come to be married.

The parson looked sternly at them and said, “Marry’d?!”

“Yes, married,” said the old man hastily. “It’s better to marry than to do worse.”

“Go, be gone, you silly fools,” said the parson. “Get you home and do your worst.”


1828, The Old Farmer's Almanac

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