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Is there an organic way to get...

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Is there an organic way to get rid of aphids on my roses?
The easiest way to get rid of aphids is to hit the bugs with a strong spray of plain water. They are not strong crawlers, and once you knock them to the ground, they will die before they make it back up the stem of the plant. Look under the leaves and stems for early accumulations. Releasing beneficial insects that eat aphids is another way to control aphids. Keep in mind that, to keep beneficials around, you will have to tolerate the presence of some aphids. Otherwise the good bugs will not have anything to eat. There isn’t much of a way to keep aphids from getting on your roses - after all, its what they do. Just plan to come out every two to three days with the hose, and wash those bugs right off. If you want to get a little stronger, use an insecticidal soap. This product, like water, will need to be used whenever you see an infestation.