Kisses from the Middle Ages


Middle Age Kiss

To celebrate our 225th anniversary, we’re looking through our archives to bring you 225 pieces of wit, wisdom, and fun in a series we’re calling Almanac Treasures (see more of them here).

The 15 Kinds of Middle Ages Kisses

  1. The decorous or modest kiss
  2. The diplomatic kiss or kiss of policy
  3. The spying kiss, to ascertain if a woman has drunk wine
  4. The slave kiss
  5. the kiss infamous (a church penance)
  6. The slipper kiss (practiced toward tyrants)
  7. The judicial kiss
  8. The feudal kiss
  9. The religious kiss (kissing the Cross)
  10. The academic kiss (on joining a solemn brotherhood)
  11. The hand kiss
  12. The Judas kiss
  13. The Medical kiss (for the purpose of healing some sickness)
  14. The kiss of etiquette
  15. The kiss of love—the only real kiss


1857 Old Farmer's Almanac

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