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We live in an old, two-story...

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We live in an old, two-story farmhouse and are having trouble with snakes in the house. Most, I believe, are blacksnakes. My husband says they will not bother anyone, but I’m scared to death of them. Please tell me how to get rid of them and keep them away. Also, do they carry any diseases that a human can catch?
We don’t know what kind of snakes you have in your house, but if your husband says they won’t harm you, we’ll assume they are not poisonous. They don’t carry any contagious diseases, but to get rid of them, first seal all the openings and cracks in your house that a snake can use to get in, including in the attic. To catch them in the house, try a glue board, which can be found in hardware stores. A board less than a foot square will hold a large snake. In addition, you’ll need a piece of plywood about 18 inches square. Bore a 1/4-inch hole near one edge of the plywood, then nail the glue board to the plywood, sticky side up. (The extra weight will prevent the snake from dragging the glue board off.) Place the glue board flat on the floor next to the wall in the area where snakes are a problem. A snake hugs the wall as it travels, and when it crosses the glue board, it will become stuck. To get it out of the house, drive a nail into the end of a three-foot wooden pole, hook the nail into the hole you drilled in the plywood, and drag the wood and the stuck snake outdoors. To release the snake, pour vegetable oil on the board to soften the glue. A word to the wise: Get rid of mice and you’ll get rid of the snakes.

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