Facts and Folklore to Tell Your Friends

By Samantha Jones
March 12, 2019
OFA Kids Cover Volume 7

Did you know? The Old Farmer’s Almanac for Kids is NEW this month and features hundreds of fun facts, awesome activities, and exciting experiments for all to discover.

Enjoy a helping of some of our favorite facts and folklore from the new edition:

  1. A Grumble and a Rumble: Do you have a belly ache? Bad weather could be coming—indigestion was once said to precede storms!storm.jpg
  2. Sowing the Seeds of Flight: Medieval magicians believed that putting celery seeds in their shoes would enable them to fly.
  3. Don’t Throw That Out: What do hair, coffee grounds, and corncobs have in common? They’re all good ingredients for a compost pile!
  4. Cool Astronomy: The Ancient Romans believed that comets forecasted cold weather.
  5. It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! Next year (2018) will be Superman’s 80th birthday! Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel created the iconic comic book character in 1938.
  6. Leave It to Beaver: Beavers don’t worry about having pearly white teeth: their front teeth are naturally orange!
  7. Pseudo Suds: When is a soap not really a soap? When it’s a detergent! Unlike traditional soap, detergent does not contain animal fat.
  8. Smelly Remedies: For itchy insect bites, a slice of raw onion may be the fix. Onions contain sulfur and flavonoids, which can help stop itching and heal bites!onion_slice.jpg
  9. What Time Is It? Towers, water bowls, and candles have all been used as clocks to keep track of time.
  10. Cricket Anatomy: A cricket’s ears are located on its front legs!cricket_in_jar_monkey_business_imagesss.jpg

For more fantastic folklore and trivia, check out The Old Farmer’s Almanac for Kids: Volume 7, available now in stores and at Almanac.com/kids



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