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Farmers' Markets: Jacks-of-All-Trades

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Springtime means time for farmers’ markets! Cities are bursting with small and large street markets, and for my Sunday adventure, I headed to a farmers’ market in a hub near downtown Seattle called Fremont. It’s great to see that the definition of a farmers’ market has transformed into not just fruit and veggies, but also a local gathering of people sharing their hobbies and talents.

The weather was above 50 and sunny, so I had my spring attire on, camera draped across my shoulder, and of course, iced coffee in hand.

This market was less about produce and more about handmade crafts, clothing, books, albums, and personal collectibles. It was also an excellent place to enjoy lunch while sitting on the steps and basking in the sun. Lunch fare varied from wood-fired pizzas and curry to burritos and mini donuts. I opted for a turkey, bacon, and avocado sandwich with herb french fries and sage aioli (drooling yet?) from a sustainable sandwich shop just outside the market entrance.

These markets—in a city of any size—attract more customers for local businesses such as restaurants and stores already in the area, while showing off strong community ties.

I snuck around the white tents that lined the street with my camera. Here are a few of the things I found for sale or trade while walking around!

The entrance of the Fremont Farmers’ Market welcomes me with white tents and people enjoying lunch.

A pair of handcrafted earrings show off their color while catching the breeze.

Bundles of flowers on display, waiting to be taken home!

Vintage clothing, vinyls, and art on display for sale at the Farmers’ Market.

My oh-so-delicious turkey, bacon, and avocado sandwich.


Jane received her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts at Western Washington University where she studied Creative Writing. She now lives in the greater Seattle area, where she writes and drinks copious amounts of coffee. When she isn’t writing, cooking, gardening, or taking photos, you can find her at local shows and concerts, or running to prepare for yet another half marathon. 




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