February: National Birdfeeding Month (U.S.) OFA 2015 February 18, 2015 | The Old Farmer's Almanac

February: National Birdfeeding Month (U.S.)

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Those little birdies in your backyard are hungry! Here’s a fantastic, fun, and inexpensive way to make a birdfeeder, courtesy of The Old Farmer’s Almanac for Kids. This is a fun activity for the whole family, and the birds will surely visit often!

February: National Birdfeeding Month (U.S.)

To Make a Feeder: Remove the label from a clean, dry, 2-liter soda bottle with cap. Tie a piece of cord or wire around the neck of the bottle so that you will be able to hang the feeder. Make perches for the birds by drilling holes in opposite sides of the bottle and pushing small dowels all the way through. If necessary, seal the holes around the dowels with hot glue. Drill small holes an inch or two above each perch so that the birds can peck and get the seeds. Fill the bottle with birdseed and screw on the bottle cap. Hang your feeder and watch the birds that visit it.

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• “Creating a bird-friendly environment is simply a matter of providing the creature comforts that we all crave: food, protective cover, and a cozy spot for raising a family.” ¬Creating a Bird-Friendly Habitat

• “Suet is the perfect bird food recipe for the winter months, when birds’ food sources dwindle. Suet is loved by nuthatches, woodpeckers, wrens, chickadees, cardinals, and most insect-eating birds.” –Bird Food Recipe: Suet

• “Did you know that birds are one of the best cues to the length of a day? The changing daylight has a hormonal trigger in birds, and starts them whistling.” –Your Backyard Birds: What Birds Have You Seen

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