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Flashback Friday: Check Your Light Bulbs!

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The days are becoming perceptibly shorter, and all too soon the skies will darken at 5:00 o’clock. With shorter (and likely cloudier) days ahead, The Old Farmer’s Almanac Home Library Series: Home Wisdom tells us to check our light bulbs in the fall, before the arrival of winter!

Bye-bye, Sun!

Flashback Friday: Check Your Light Bulbs!

Before long now, you should look over the light bulbs in all of the sockets in the house, barn, and outbuildings and be sure that they are cleaned of dust and dirt. Between steam, oily and greasy vapors, and dust and dirt, you will be surprised to see how opaque a curtain has collected on them.

Studies of the efficiency of lights show that a loss of 40 percent in lighting efficiency is not uncommon where light bulbs and reflectors are allowed to accumulate dust and dirt. Why pay full price and then get only 60 percent of the value?

Always take the bulbs and reflectors out of or off the sockets before washing and be sure that they are thoroughly dried off before replacing. You’ll be surprised how the ones in the barns have needed this treatment and how they respond.

–The Old Farmer’s Almanac, 1939

Hints & Suggestions

When the Electricity Goes Out …

• If you have trouble making candles fit securely in their holders, try pouring hot water into the candle bowl, letting it stand to heat the holder, pouring it out, and putting the candle in place immediately. If one application of water does not heat the candlestick sufficiently to secure the candle, repeat the process.
• Your candles will burn more slowly if you put them in the freezer before using. Frozen candles also drip and smoke less.
• Attach a glow-in-the-dark sticker or piece of luminous tape to your flashlight to make it easier to find when the power goes out. (The flashlight must be out in the open, where the tape can get “charged up.”)

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