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How can I control the aphids on my lettuce?

In next year's garden, consider planting rows of chives or garlic between your lettuce to control aphids. They act as "barrier plants" for the lettuce.Spray your lettuce with a cold spray from you hose. This will knock the bugs off the leaves. Repeat daily until all the aphids are gone.

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How can I get coriander to flourish in my garden?

Seeds should be sown in the garden while it is still cool but past the danger of a hard frost. Thin the seedlings so that they aren't too crowded, about six inches apart. The young leaves offer the best flavor. Like most herbs, coriander doesn't like a lot of fertilizer or wet feet. If you are buying seedlings rather than seeds, the plants may be too old and won't enjoy being transplanted. Your luck may improve if you try starting your own plants from seeds right in the garden where the plants will grow. Coriander will often self-seed the second year.

Is there a medicinal use for moss?

Traditional herbalists list many uses for moss, both the whole plants (sometimes used fresh, sometimes dried and ground) and the spores. Consult a good herbal book, such as A Modern Herbal by Mrs. M. Grieve, for details. In herbal medicine, moss is most commonly used as a diuretic or as a cure for coughs, depending on how the moss is processed and which moss is used. Irish moss is used for its mucilaginous and nutritional qualities. Sphagnum moss has been used since ancient times as a dressing for wounds.

How can I repair brown spots in the lawn caused by my dogs?

Dig out the dead grass and roots with a spade, fill the holes with topsoil, and rake it through. Then spread grass seed over the topsoil as recommended on the package. Rake it lightly and mulch with a thin layer of straw or salt hay. Water well for four to six weeks. Don't compost the clumps you dug out; they could contain harmful by-products. A better solution is to train your dog to use only one area of your lawn where you have laid out bark mulch, kitty litter, or another absorbent material. Just change the material as needed.

I have grown a black walnut tree from a nut and would like to move it to another location. It is about three years old and eight feet high. How and when should I move it?

Our first thought is that you should get professional help in moving a tree that big. Otherwise, you will have great difficulty ensuring that the tree's roots remain intact and unharmed.

What are the best choices for a vine to climb a trellis?

Wisteria, bittersweet, morning glory, honeysuckle, glory bower, Carolina jasmine, and silver-lace vine are great choices for a trellis, arbor, or fence.

I have a trumpet vine that has been growing for three years now. It has lots and lots of leaves and climbing vines, but so far no flowers. How can I get it to produce flowers?

Trumpet vines like moderately fertile, well- drained soil, yet they are able to tolerate poor soil and restricted roots. It is best to prune thein the late winter or early spring, and it may take three seasons for them to 'establish' themselves. Where they are marginally hardy, it is best to grow them in a protected area (against a wall) in full sun. Though most trumpet vines are hardy in Zones 5-9, the Chinese Trumpet Vine is hardy in Zones 7-9.

What can I do to make sure my cucumbers will be healthy and produce a lot of fruit?

In general, cukes do well with continuous moisture and a high nitro fertilizer. Once the plants start growing, they need a constant supply of moisture. When they are about four inches high, fertilizing with blood meal, cottonseed meal or watering with a solution of fish emulsion will benefit your cukes. Continue to fertilize until flowers form.

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