10 Gifts for Weather Watchers and Outdoor Lovers

Christmas Gift Ideas for Weather Enthusiasts

Weather Gifts 2020

Need Christmas gift ideas for the weather watchers and outdoor lovers in your life? Do you know a self-professed weather geek? Gift giving can be a challenge! Here are 10 great gift ideas for the weather enthusiast, ranging from the practical to the delightful.

Some of our earliest presidents were avid weather observers. Thomas Jefferson bought his first thermometer while writing the Declaration of Independence, and purchased his first barometer a few days following the signing of the document. Jefferson maintained an almost unbroken record of weather observations until 1816. George Washington also took regular observations; the last weather entry in his diary was made the day before he died.

And, of course,The Old Farmer’s Almanac has predicted the weather since George Washington was president! We count so many weather enthusiasts among our readers. So, to all our fellow weather watchers (and their families!), we offer 12 gift ideas for the Christmas season.

1. Favorite Weather Calendar

Popular with weather and nature enthusiasts alike, the Almanac Weather Watcher’s calendar offers stunning full-color photographs of a spawning tornado, strange-looking lenticular clouds, beautiful cascades of ice, and much more! Each month also features a weather Q&A, weather history fact, and timeless proverb. Look inside the Weather Calendar.


2. Best Rain Gauge

Our Rain Gauge Stakes marry metal and glass in a beautiful design, effortlessly measuring the rainfall in your yard or garden. Bright orange bumblebees hover around a large, easy to read glass tube that has measurements in both inches and millimeters. Each stake has a two-prong fork to secure it to the ground.



3. The Best Weather Station (Wireless)

This is the perfect weather station—with a wireless indoor/outdoor thermometer, atomic clock, calendar, and adjustable backlight. It also provides humidity, Moon phases, and barometric pressure. Hang the display on your wall or put it on your night stand. Imagine rolling out of bed with the alarm clock and knowing your weather immediately, thanks to a bright, easy-to-read screen. (Or, snooze it and light it back up with one tap!) Learn more about the Newentor Weather Station.


4. Best Weather Notebook

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or an armchair weather watcher, this flexibound calendar-notebook format is packed with reference charts, striking photos, and weather related folklore. It also provides information about significant weather events that occurred previously on specific days of the year. An itemized record for each day prompts observers to log details of the day such as temperature, precipitation, wind speed, and special weather conditions. With room for four years of daily observations, it’s easy and fun to compare details over time. See inside the notebook.


5. Favorite Compact Umbrella

Nature’s stunning patterns and vibrant colors are reflected in these compact travel umbrellas. They fold up to fit efficiently in a bag, backpack, or briefcase, but also have a generously-sized umbrella to shelter you from the rain and wind. Just slide off the fitted cover, push a button, and pop, you’re covered with an umbrella that will make you smile. See the range of umbrella designs.


6. Galileo Thermometer with Glass Globe Barometer

For hundreds of years, the Galileo Thermometer with Glass Barometer have offered function and timeless beauty. And it’s not just a decorative thermometer; it actually works! Each bulb inside the Galileo Thermometer represents a temperature, as indicated by the metal hang tags beneath each bulb. And the glass globe’s liquid level reflects that atmospheric pressure. Learn more about the Galileo Thermometer and Barometer.


7. Favorite Wind Chime

Wind chimes bring a lovely, musical element to any garden or outdoor space. We’ve collected some of our favorites featuring birds, nature, and the Sun and Moon! See the collection of beautiful wind chimes.


8. Almanac Sun Catcher

These dazzling sun catchers were hand-pressed from recycled glass by the Old Hancock Glassworks using a centuries old technique. Each piece has a unique character not found in machine-made glass. Plus, this Sun catcher features The Old Farmer’s Almanac name and sun logo for that vintage touch! See the variety of sun catcher colors.


9. Solar and Thermometer Garden Stakes

Fun and fancy combine with functional to create our garden stakes. The collection includes a special garden thermometer with a large easy-to-read dial thermometer as well as nighttime stakes powered by solar panels that absorb the Sun’s energy during the day. See our collection of solar and thermometer garden stakes.


10. Best Smart Sensor for Humidity & Temperature

You’re busy. You know that proper temperature and humidity are important to your health and belongings. But who has time for constant monitoring of conditions in the places they matter most, like refrigerators and freezers and larders, instrument cases, humidors, attics, basements and crawlspaces? The SensorPush smart sensor will monitor temperature and humidity down to the minute. It’s also great for greenhouses, animal shelters, and beekeeper colonies! It’s very easy to use with accurate data. Learn more about the smart sensor.



We hope that you found gift ideas on this list! Of course, don’t forget the ultimate stocking stuffer—The Old Farmer’s Almanac

Look inside The 2021 Old Farmer’s Almanac for weather predictions, wit, and wisdom that lasts all-year long. Start the year out right!



Note: For the products that link to Amazon.com, we may receive a (small) commission from purchases made. However, our gift ideas are purely editorial and not influenced by third parties.


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