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Give Me A Break!

Winter 2013-2014
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Evelyn Browning Garriss
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Having the weather woes?

If you are in the East, you are probably complaining about the cold and snow.

If you are in the West, that complaint probably sounds like bragging.

California is struggling with its worst drought on record and 55% of the lower 48 states have dry or drought weather.

It’s time for a break!

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Here’s the good news. From East to West, a break is coming! Hooray!

It’s just a break, not the end of winter, nor the problems of winter. For a short period of time the US and parts of Canada, get a taste of normal weather before reverting to the schizophrenic winter of 2014.

For most of this year the jet stream, that fast flowing river of air that divides the cold Arctic air from the warmer subtropical air, has wiggled like a snake. It has entered North America through Alaska, flowed over the Rockies and then plunged south. This has allowed warmth to soar north in the West and freezing Arctic air to plunge south in the East. Then, when the cold air meets the warm, wet Atlantic air, it creates blizzards and ice storms. Just ask Atlanta, Georgia.

When cold Arctic air meets warm, wet Atlantic Ocean air – it can get messy! Just ask Atlanta, Georgia. Source:  NASA. Goddard Space Flight Center

However, for a while this month, the jet stream is expected to flatten. It will enter the West further south and exit the East further north. Cold winter rains can hit the Pacific Northwest and (maybe) parts of California. The Northeast and Midwest will still have some storms but the South will have a chance to get warmer. Storms will flow from west to east in a straightforward pattern, not flounder north and south.

On February 13, there was snow on every state but Florida! Source: NOAA

Remember: This is just a break. The Arctic air is extremely cold and both the North Pacific and North Atlantic have some unusually warmer than normal waters. This is the recipe for an extreme jet stream. Enjoy your rain California; it won’t end the drought. Enjoy the warmth, Dixie; you still have some cool winter weather before spring comes to the rescue.

The winter of 2014 isn’t over, so revel in the pause as long as it lasts.

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