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How To Feed a Pet its Food

This is Purry, our beautiful, little, long-hair tabby, licking his lips after a snack! He’s such a love. We just love his gorgeous eyes. That’s what we call “natural”eye liner! :)
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Cindy Joyce
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Whether you have new pets or just naughty ones, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re teaching your pets proper table manners! The Old Farmer’s Almanac for Kids, Vol. 5 has some tips on making sure your pets don’t accidentally bite you instead of their food!

How To Feed a Pet its Food

1. Train your pet to sit politely for treats, not to jump and dive or grab to get the treat. Many pets are rewarded occasionally when they jump for things they want. When really special treats are offered, they will do what comes naturally and might bite you on accident!

2. Hold the food or treat properly in your hand. When food is given by hand, the position of our hand is important. Horses and donkeys should be fed with flat palms. Kittens under 8 to 10 weeks old should be fed with the treat extended past the fingertips or on a spoon; kittens are especially bad at telling where a hand starts and food ends.

3. When holding a pet, make sure that your hands do not smell of its food, especially if the pet relies primarily on smell to find its food or if the pet has bad eyesight. Pets can bite accidentally, but why let that happen?

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