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I'm Frugal, You're Stingy

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Cheap is one of those fuzzy philosophical concepts easily misapplied. Here are some standards from The Old Farmer’s Almanac Home Library Series: Home Wisdom that you can use to gauge your thriftiness.

I’m Frugal, You’re Stingy

Frugal: Drives 30 miles to save 25 cents on dishwashing detergent.

Stingy: Makes $80,000 a year and allows unemployed friends to pick up the restaurant tab.

Sparing: Reuses dental floss.

Economical: Buys super-duper-size jar of peanut butter. Uses rubber spatula to get last bit of peanut butter from jar.

Cheese-paring: Watches public TV all year; never donates.

Parsimonious: Gives free magazine subscription gift as wedding present.

Tightfisted: Has a lot of money but shampoos own rugs.

Skinflint: Tips 5 percent for good service.

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