Rescued by a Rainbow


This is Heidi, I rescued her 9 months ago, not knowing the skinny, abused puppy was really the one saving me.
I am now a proud mom of a pure bred German Shepard, and we just celebrated her 1st birthday.
Heidi and I spend most of our free time hiking together, and a couple days ago we were lucky enough to be in the perfect spot at the perfect time.
We had been exploring the Salt River, but when the thunder and lightening creeped it’s way above us, we began the trek back to the car. Just as we cleared the steepest part of the trail, I turned around to see a ribbon of color. The scene went from beautiful to breathtaking in a matter of moments, and my Heidi is a dog who always admires a good view.
This is Heidi on a desert cliff gazing into a stormy sky, as a rainbow bridges across the Salt River.

Photo Credit

Destry Bunnell


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