So Much More Than a 1,000 Words.... (100,000 Emotions Alone)

The wedding day was so beautiful…. BUT BUSY, I did not even remember, nor did my husband, that he had sweetly kissed my forehead during our prayer for the wedding ceremony. I was beyond joyed, had never felt more loved, and so surprised when I saw this picture. I want thank our guest who candidly took this photo, that is by far the best photo (even out of the professionals that took shots), and truly my most cherished possession. This perfect moment that is forever frozen in time, shows just how much my husband truly adores and loves me. We are sweetly holding hands, while sharing a loving prayer together, for the first time as a married couple, giving much needed thanks to our great lord and savior above, why this photo will forever be cherished in my heart and mind, is because while I am having thoughts of: just having read the vows to each other we penned ourselves the in front of the tons of guests and God, I was also dealing with excitement of having just becoming married, to the best man and friend I have ever known or had, during the prayer I was constantly thanking God for my now husband and many other blessings but also anticipating our walk out (in front of everyone!) being announced as Mr. & Mrs. Alred for the very first time, this photo truly captured what real love is and thankfully, forever frozen in time, as he is lovingly kissing me his new bride, and wife, on the forehead. The warmth I feel when I sit and look at this photograph tells me just how much we love other and how we were truly meant to be because, by chance, this perfect moment of our brand new life together, was caught on film will never fade, and forever stay, this picture not only could say 1,000 words, alone it can describe over 100,000 emotions that will stay with me for a lifetime

Photo Credit

Heather Frye (Carrie Pierce)


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