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An Insider's Look at The Old Farmer's Almanac

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Ever wondered what it might be like to work for The Old Farmer’s Almanac? I’m a college intern here at the Almanac and thought I’d share my “insider’s look.”

My experience with the Almanac began long ago. I remember seeing my parents with copies of The Old Farmer’s Almanac when I was a child. As the oldest continually published periodical in North America, the Almanac had my full respect.

The Almanac carried such prestige in my mind that I was worried that my internship was going to be one of those positions where you just fetch coffee. How wrong I was! I’ve been here only a few weeks, and I can already tell you my favorite part about this internship: the people.

Working at the Almanac

Working at the Almanac is like being a member of an extended family. The staff enables me to feel comfortable in asking questions and seeking answers, and I suppose that this is no wonder, because the Almanac is dedicated to helping people. A good part of my day is spent answering readers’ questions on the Web site or responding to mail. Amazingly, the staff still responds personally to readers’ questions (a rare find these days!).

One of my first experiences was sitting in on a staff meeting. I learned how the Almanac plans its projects years in advance. There was a mention of how the work for the 2015 calendar was going. 2015! This is only 2012! Along with the future-focused projects, the Almanac is also dedicated to the here and now. The Web site is FULL of content that speaks to a modern audience. It provides readers with helpful information from sunrise/sunset charts to planting organic gardens to guides about building igloos!

Helping the Readers

It’s not just the people with whom I work that make the Almanac great. As a Web editorial intern, I also have the opportunity to interact with our readers. I’ve learned that it’s really the readers who keep the Almanac as practical today as it was in 1792.

Photo: Governor Lynch visits The Old Farmer’s Almanac

It’s been fun to learn alongside our readers as they post questions on the Web site for advice on how to cure their gardens of pesky weeds or the best way to get ink stains out of a favorite t-shirt. One of the greatest feelings is being able to provide an answer to their question.

Looking Toward the Future

I was pleasantly surprised to find the Almanac on Facebook and Twitter—although it’s 220 years “young”!  The Almanac is old, but not old-fashioned. Its Facebook page offers readers an outlet for amusing stories or pictures that rival those of professional photographers. The advantage of having such a wide audience is that some readers will post pictures of vegetables they just picked while others post snowy landscapes—and it’s all happening in the same season! The best part of my day is when Followers thank us for a quick tip or quirky saying that was posted on the Almanac’s Twitter page.

I look forward to the remainder of my internship and to hearing from more of the Almanac’s readers. What about you? What’s your favorite part of the Almanac?

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