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International Magic Week

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C. Nemec
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In case you didn’t know, the last week of October is International Magic Week! Allow us to teach you how to perform an illusion from The Old Farmer’s Almanac for Kids, Volume 5—how to make dirty “laundry” disappear. Introduce your youngsters to this trick, which they will love!

You will need:
• 6 handkerchief-size pieces of white cloth
• Paint, markers, or food to stain the dirty handkerchiefs
• 2 paper lunch bags of the same size
• Scissors

To prepare:
• Stain three of the handkerchiefs. Set them aside. Cut 2 inches from the top of one of the lunch bags. Fold three clean handkerchiefs, then place them in the bottom of the taller bag. Open the shorter bag inside the taller bag. Push the shorter bag down, so that only ¼ inch of it sticks out of the taller bag on every side. Roll over the tops of both bags together to make a folded rim.

• Use magic words (“hocus-pocus,” “abracadabra,” and other phrases) as you perform the trick.
• Show the audience the stained handkerchiefs.
• Show the audience the inside of the “empty” bag.
• Place the dirty handkerchiefs in the shorter bag.
• Gather the neck of the bag as you would the neck of a bottle. Grasp it in a bunch.
• Put the neck of the bag to your mouth and gently blow some air into it to inflate it. Squeeze the neck of the bag with your thumb and forefinger (to keep the air in). Clap your other hang into the bottom of the bags to “pop” it. The outer bag should rip, revealing the clean handkerchiefs “hidden” there.
• Turn the ripped bag toward you and pull out the clean handkerchiefs. Bunch the bags tightly and toss them aside.