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It's Here! The 2018 Old Farmer's Almanac


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As of September 12, The 2018 Old Farmer’s Almanac is available in stores! Which stores? Check out our handy new Store Finder. Simply enter your zip or postal code for stores near you!

Where to Buy the Almanac

Check to see if The Old Farmer’s Almanac is out in your favorite store. Click here for our new Almanac Store Locator by Zip Code

What’s Inside the 2018 Edition

Early readers have said that the 2018 edition is one of our most intriguing editions ever! (Thank you!) Here’s a sampling of the new stories:

The American Spirit: A special report on the future and faces of farming. Meet and hear from farmers who bring food to America’s tables.

Mother Earth: Growing white “eggs,” cukey-cuties, and colorful corn. The promise of peonies. The answer to “How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?”

The stars and skies: 33 “stellar” moments in history. The potential connection between a child’s birthday and personality.

All things tasty and tantalizing: Serious sweet potato eats. How eating chicken became so popular. Foraging for fun and feasting. “Snackified” eating: here to stay?

What tickles the funny bone: Chiffons—from Motown to baked goods to fluffy pups. How about some 2,000-year-old butter on that toast? The golf shot that takes an hour to land. Eight things that are guaranteed.

Health and vitality: Foods as prescriptions. The real secret to weight loss. Slithering up to “snake oil.” Are you ready for “doga”?


Weather Predictions 2017–2018 

Will our weather this year be wicked or wonderful? This winter is forecast to be much colder than last year’s, but—just like last winter—not colder than usual. In fact, a large part of the northern United States will experience milder-than-average temperatures (though we would still recommend having your long underwear on-hand), while much of the South and West can expect to feel cooler than normal. Escaping this chill are Florida and the Southeast, where milder-than-usual temperatures will be felt. In Canada, temperatures will be above average, but this won’t stop the snow that is expected to be normal or above normal in most of the country. See more about our winter weather forecasts for 2017–2018.


Everything Else You Expect

As always, this annual Almanac—your “calendar of the heavens” and time capsule of the year—will also include everything else you expect: planting charts for those who work the land; sunrise and Moon phases for those who watch the night sky; recipes for those who live in the kitchen; and an overabundance of wit and wisdom for those in all walks of life.

Many things come and go—celebrities, pop culture, and politicians, to name a few—but The Old Farmer’s Almanac will always continue to be your steadfast guide with great advice and information about what matters to you.


Look Inside the Pages!

Peek inside the new Almanac in the Almanac Store—where you can also find ALL the editions from paperback to hardcover to digital.

In the words of our founder, may you find The 2018 Old Farmer’s Almanac ever so “useful, with a pleasant degree of humor”!

With all good wishes,
Your Almanac Editors