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The Old Farmer's Almanac Monthly Magazine

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Have you tried the Almanac Monthly digital magazine (for your tablet or computer)? It comes out 12 times a year (about 60 pages per issue!) and each monthly issue is packed with Almanac wit, wisdom, and weather! Take a look at what’s inside The Old Farmer’s Almanac January Monthly!

This Month’s Moon

This month’s full Moon, the Full Wolf Moon, occurs on January 4 at 11:53 P.M. EST. January 4 is the time of perihelion, when Earth is closest to the Sun for the year: “only” 91,402,423 miles away!

What do you resolve to do?

“A new year’s resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other.” –Anonymous

Take a look at our tips on how to hold yourself accountable to your new year’s resolution(s) and break that bad habit of forgetting after a couple weeks. Keeping it simple and specific are two of our many tips on how to achieve success!

Resolution-ary Recipes

After the holidays have passed, you start to regret all of the fudge, cookies, pies, and other indulgences that you enjoyed. It is no wonder that statistics show that close to 40 percent of us who make New Year’s resolutions will rate losing weight and eating healthier as top priorities. We’ve compiled a few healthy recipes to get you started!    

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Seed catalogs start arriving!

Here at the Almanac, we love to cozy up with some good garden seed catalogues, especially in the winter months when we start planning for the upcoming gardening season. Check out this month’s issue to read our tips on ordering seeds!

Meet the Father of English Printing

Love to read? Love this man. Meet the father of English printing, William Caxton, who centuries ago was the first to print and publish books in the English language, bringing culture to the masses one page at a time!

For more fun facts and articles, check out The Old Farmer’s Almanac January Monthly!