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Jaws! Little-known and hard-to-swallow facts about Sharks



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You may want to stay out of the ocean after learning about some of these shark facts from The Old Farmer’s Almanac for Kids Vol. 3!

Jaws! Little-known and hard-to-swallow facts about Sharks

These items have been found in the stomachs of sharks:
• A man’s wallet
• 25 bottles of water (1 quart each) bound together with a wire hoop
• a nearly whole reindeer
• a blue penquin
• a handbag containing three shillings
• a full-grown spaniel

Tiger sharks may be the most gluttonous of all sharks. They have been known to try to digest beer bottles, bags of potatoes, coal, dogs, overcoats, a driver’s license, a cow’s hoof, the antlers of a deer, and a chicken coop with feathers and bones still inside. Fortunately for them, tiger sharks have a kind of safety valve if they eat too much junk food. They throw up.

In 1935, a tiger shark in an aquarium near Coogee Beach, Australia, vomited up a human arm with a tattoo of two boxers wearing red shorts. The arm was identified as belonging to Australian gangster James Smith, who had disappeared several weeks earlier.

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