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July Monthly Preview

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The July issue of The Old Farmer’s Almanac Monthly Digital Magazine is here to help you survive and thrive during the peak of summer. Check out a sneak peek of this month’s issue below.

July Monthly Preview

What Would Summer Be Without Watermelon?

Hopefully, we’ll never have to know the answer to that question. Watermelon is a quintessential summer food, and you can learn all about it in the July Monthly.

Learn to select the best watermelon at the store, and how to best remove the seeds once you’re home. Watermelon recipes include zesty Sweet Onion Watermelon Salsa, Shrimp and Watermelon Salad Rangoon, refreshing Watermelon Punch and more!

Sweet Onion Watermelon Salsa. Photo Credit Margo Letourneau.

Fun fact: Did you know the average person eats 13 pounds of watermelon a year?

Tea Time

Learn to grow and steep your own tea.

Tips on planting and harvesting chamomile, mint, lemon balm, and more can be found in this month’s issue. Harvesting advice like when to harvest tea leaves (right before the plant sets flowers - besides chamomile, whose flowers you want) is also provided.

To Grow Lemon Balm: Buy one small pot and plant it in full sun. A perennial, it spreads slowly but persistently. Bees love the tiny flowers.

This Month’s Weather Forecast

Discover the best and worst days and weeks of the month.

This month, we explain the basic principles behind droughts, an issue that has been plaguing parts of America in recent years. The issue also provides region-by region weather forecasts for the month, calculated with our trusted formula, as well as the best times to garden based off the moon’s sign.

Drought in Lake Shasta, CA. Photo credit David Greitzer/shutterstock.com

Staying Cool

Tips for staying cool, calm and collected as temperatures continue to rise.

From exercise and diet advice to clothing recommendations, Margaret Boyles explains the best methods for staying cool. Who knew indulging in spicy food or putting old socks full of frozen rice could keep you cool? Learn about these and more in this month’s issue.


Beat the Heat Tip: Place a wet towel around your neck and/or down your back. Alternatively, soak your shirt in cold water, wring it out, and wear it.

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