6 Simple Garden Projects for Kids

Fun planting activities to connect with nature!

The Old Farmer’s Almanac for Kids has planting activities that are easy for any age. Here are six simple family projects to connect with plants and nature!

We all know that nature and plants reduces our stress. Let’s make sure you get some fresh air and dirt under your fingernails.

1. Grow a Vegetable Forest!

While it may not be warm enough to start planting outside in some areas, you can start practicing inside. Clear off a surface in your home and Grow a Vegetable Forest.

Click here to see Veggie Forest activity!


2. Storybook Garden

Maybe you don’t have a place to grow a garden? That’s O.K.! You can read about some stories that took place in the garden and learn fun facts about the vegetables that inspired these classic children’s tales in Storybook Garden!

Click here to see the Storybook Garden stories!


3. Welcome a Rabble of Butterflies!

Do you love butterflies like we love butterflies? Do you know how to attract them to your yard and container plants? You need to plant what they like (hint, they look for large blooming flowers) and offer them safe places to land. Come along and Welcome a Rabble of Butterflies (and find out what on Earth a rabble is!).

Click here for the butterfly activity!


4. Plant a Grocery Garden

Maybe you are looking for a fun and easy gardening project? Find out how to grow interesting and unusual houseplants from the seeds and pits of lemons, mangoes, avocados, and more. Then Plant a Grocery Garden!

Click here to see Grocery Garden activity!


5. Grow a Hideaway

Are you in the market for a fort or secret hideaway? A project requiring wood, hammer, and nails may not be something your parents will let you take on, so why don’t you grow one instead? You didn’t know that was possible? Let us teach you how to Grow a Hideaway.

Click here to see Secret Hideaway activity


6. Get Growing

Who knew gardening could be as easy as buying a sack of soil and seeds? We did! Our gardening techniques are legendary and we’ll teach you several hacks to Get Growing.

Click to see the Get Growing activity!


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