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  • Independence Day (Swaziland)


  • 1620: Pilgrims set sail for the New World


  • Born 1711: Heinrich Melchior Muhlenberg (founder of Lutheranism in America)


  • Born 1766: John Dalton (scientist)


  • Died 1782: Martha Jefferson (wife of Thomas Jefferson; died before presidency)


  • Born 1795: Frances Wright (author)


  • Born 1860: Jane Addams (social worker)


  • Born 1888: Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr. (diplomat)


  • 1901: U.S. President William McKinley was shot by Leon Czolgosz

  • Died 1903: Charles Ammi Cutter (librarian)


  • Born 1937: Jo Anne Worley (comedienne)


  • 1941: A decree was issued in Germany requiring all Jews over the age of six to wear the Star of David

  • Born 1944: Swoosie Kurtz (actress)

  • Born 1947: Jane Curtin (actress)


  • 1952: CBFT first Canadian TV station to go on air

  • 1952: CBFT Montreal was the first Canadian TV station to begin regular broadcast programming in both French and English. CBLT Toronto followed two days later

  • 1958: Georgia Gibbs sang "The Hula-Hoop Song" on The Ed Sullivan Show. This was the first national exposure for the hula-hoop craze


  • 1977: Canadian highway signs, except in Quebec and Nova Scotia, converted to metric

  • Died 1977: Leslie McFarlane (Hardy Boys writer)


  • Born 1990: John Wall (basketball player)

  • 1995: Cal Ripken, Jr. played his 2,131st game and became a part of baseball history by surpassing Lou Gehrig's record of 2,130 consecutive games played


  • 2003: Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts, hosted Bruce Springsteen for its first rock concert in history

  • Died 2003: Charles E. Bennett (member of the House of Representatives for 44 years. His legislation in 1955 required that the mint put "In God We Trust" on all currency. Shortly thereafter, Congress made the words the nation's motto.)

  • Died 2007: Luciano Pavarotti (opera singer)


  • 2016: Jeff Williams returned to Earth after working 172 days on the International Space Station, thereby making a cumulative total of 534 days in space over several missions - the longest time yet recorded for NASA astronauts.

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