Daily Calendar for October 6th, 2019

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  • 1783: Benjamin Hanks applied for a patent for a self-winding clock


  • Born 1795: Joshua Reed Giddings (politician)


  • Born 1820: Jenny Lind (singer)


  • Born 1846: George Westinghouse (engineer)


  • 1857: American Chess Association founded


  • Died 1876: Baron Lisgar (2nd Canadian Governor General 1869 - 72)


  • 1884: The Naval War College founded at Newport, RI


  • Died 1892: Alfred, Lord Tennyson (British poet laureate)


  • Born 1905: Helen Wills (tennis player)

  • Born 1908: Carole Lombard (actress)


  • Born 1914: Thor Heyerdahl (ethnologist, leader of Kon Tiki expedition)


  • Born 1925: Shana Alexander (journalist)

  • 1926: Babe Ruth hit 3 home runs in World Series game

  • 1927: Premiere of The Jazz Singer, the first feature talking picture, which starred Al Jolson


  • 1958: The nuclear submarine U.S.S. Seawolf established an underseas record when it comes to the surface of the Atlantic Ocean near Block Island, after having cruised submerged for 60 days


  • 1962: Joseph Charles began 30 years of waving to motorists in Berkeley, CA

  • Born 1963: Elisabeth Shue (actress)

  • 1969: Greater Winnipeg Floodway (Duff’s Ditch) completed, Manitoba50 Years Ago


  • Born 1970: Amy Jo Johnson (actress)

  • Born 1973: Rebecca Lobo (basketball player)


  • Died 1989: Bette Davis (actress)


  • 2004: A magnitude 2.0 earthquake registered 15 miles east of Keene, NH

  • 2009: Charles K. Kao, Willard S. Boyle, and George E. Smith won the Nobel Prize in physics for their contributions toward fiber optics and digital photography.Kao, of Standard Telecommunication Laboratories in Harlow, UK, and Chinese University of Hong Kong, won half the prize for "groundbreaking achievements concerning the transmission of light in fibers for optical communication. . . . [In 1966] he carefully calculated how to transmit light over long distances via optical glass fibers. With a fiber of purest glass it would be possible to transmit light signals over 100 kilometers, compared to only 20 meters for the fibers available in the 1960s." Boyle and Smith, both from Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill, N.J., shared the other half of the prize "for the invention of an imaging semiconductor circuit – the CCD sensor. . . . The CCD is the digital camera's electronic eye. It revolutionized photography, as light could now be captured electronically instead of on film."


  • 2012: 249 combines reaped 200 acres of oats in about 12 minutes, in Dalmeny, Saskatchewan

  • 2015: Takaaki Kajita of Japan and Arthur McDonald of Canada won the Nobel Prize in physics for their work on neutrinos

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