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Leif Eriksson Day

In A.D. 1000, long before Columbus, Eriksson led a Viking voyage westward from Greenland and reached the coast of North America, in what is now Newfoundland. He named his discovery Vinland. Although Eriksson is not officially credited with the European discovery of America, ever since 1964 U.S. presidents have had the option of proclaiming October 9 as Leif Eriksson Day.

Every Year

  • Leif Eriksson Day

  • World Post Day


  • 1701: The Collegiate School, later renamed Yale University, is founded in Connecticut.


  • Born 1782: Lewis Cass (politician)


  • Born 1835: Camille Saint-Saens (composer)


  • Born 1854: Myron Herrick (politician)

  • 1855: Joshua Stoddard received a patent for a calliope


  • Born 1860: Leonard Wood (physician)

  • 1865: The nation's first working underground oil pipeline was completed between Oil Creek and Pithole, Pennsylvania


  • Born 1873: Charles Rudolph Walgreen (merchant)

  • 1877: American Humane Association organized


  • 1888: The Washington Monument opened to the public


  • 1900: 7.7 earthquake struck Kodiak Island, Alaska

  • Born 1908: Jacques Tati (director)


  • Born 1918: E. Howard Hunt (author)


  • Born 1940: John Lennon (musician)

  • 1946: First "electronic" blanket manufactured, Petersburg, Virginia

  • Born 1948: Jackson Browne (musician)


  • Born 1953: Tony Shalhoub (actor)

  • Born 1954: Scott Bakula (actor)

  • Born 1955: Steve Ovett (runner)


  • 1967: In Bolivia, Che Guevara is killed while leading a Cuban-sponsored guerrilla force


  • 1973: "Cape Kennedy" restored to original name of "Cape Canaveral" in Florida

  • Died 1974: Oskar Schindler (businessman)

  • Born 1979: Brandon Routh (actor)


  • Born 1981: Zachery Ty Bryan (actor)


  • Born 1992: Tyler James Williams (actor)

  • 1992: A meteorite struck a car in Peekskill, New York


  • Died 2000: David Dukes (actor)

  • Died 2002: Charles Guggenheim (filmmaker)

  • 2003: The new U.S. $20 bill, with its faint tinge of peach color in the background, made its way into bank vaults and consumers' pockets

  • 2003: Starting on September 28, Lloyd Scott, a 41-year old former firefighter and professional football player from Rainham, London, dived through the depths of Loch Ness for 12 days to complete on this day the world's first ever underwater marathon. Lloyd wore an 80-kilogram diving suit throughout the 26-mile adventure


  • Died 2014: Jan Hooks (actress)

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