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St. Luke's Little Summer

Lovely, summerlike days that occur around October 18 are called Saint Luke's Little Summer in honor of the saint's feast day. Around this time, Saint Luke's feast day, there is a period brief period of calm, dry weather. Of course, it's difficult to generalize today across the vast continent of North America, but the temperature is usually mild and the leaf colors are turning a gorgeous color. It's a good time for a brief vacation or visit to a park. In Venice, Italy, they say: "San Luca, El ton va te la zuca" (Pumpkins go stale on St Luke's Day), but here in North America, pumpkins are enjoying their finest hour. Saint Luke is the patron saint of physicians and surgeons so it seems only fitting that the good doctor give us these calm days. In olden days, St. Luke's Day did not receive as much attention in the secular world as St. John's Day (June 24) and Michaelmas (September 29), so it was to keep from being forgotten that St. Luke presented us with some golden days to cherish before the coming of winter, or so the story goes. Some folks call this Indian Summer, but that officially occurs between November 11 and November 20.

Every Year

  • St. Luke's Little Summer

  • US (Alaska): Alaska Day

  • Alaska Day


  • Died 1503: Pope Pius III


  • 1767: The boundary line between Maryland and Pennsylvania, commonly known as the Mason-Dixon Line, was finally settled


  • 1854: Ostend Manifesto of the US declares that if Spain refuses to sell Cuba to them, then the US will take it by force


  • 1867: Alaska was transferred from Russia to the U.S.


  • Died 1893: Lucy Stone Blackwell (suffragette)


  • Born 1919: Pierre Elliot Trudeau (15th Canadian prime minister)


  • Born 1921: Jesse Helms (politician)

  • 1922: The British Broadcasting Company was formed

  • Born 1926: Chuck Berry (musician)

  • Born 1927: George C. Scott (actor)


  • Died 1931: Thomas Alva Edison (inventor)

  • Born 1939: Mike Ditka (football player, coach)

  • Born 1939: Lee Harvey Oswald (alleged assassin of President John F. Kennedy)


  • 1950: Philadelphia Athletics manager Connie Mack announced his retirement

  • Born 1956: Martina Navratilova (tennis player)


  • Born 1960: Erin Moran (actress)


  • Born 1970: Doug Mirabelli (baseball player)

  • Died 1973: Walt Kelly (cartoonist)


  • Died 1982: Bess Truman (U.S. First Lady)

  • Born 1987: Zac Efron (actor)


  • Died 2008: Dee Dee Warwick (soul singer)


  • 2013: Penumbral eclipse of the Moon.

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