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Election Day (United States)

By an act of Congress in 1845, the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November was designated Election Day for future presidential elections. The first such election took place on November 7, 1848. Whig Party candidate Zachary Taylor won out over Democrat Lewis Cass and Free-Soil candidate (and former president) Martin Van Buren. Taylor's running mate was Millard Fillmore, who became the nation's 13th president on July 10, 1850, upon Taylor's untimely death.


  • Born 1779: Washington Allston (painter)


  • Born 1857: Ida Minerva Tarbell (journalist)


  • Born 1863: James Ward Packard (manufacturer)


  • 1872: Susan B. Anthony cast her ballot, earning a fine


  • Born 1885: Will Durant (historian)


  • 1911: Tripoli annexed by Italy

  • Born 1911: Roy Rogers (actor)

  • Born 1913: Vivien Leigh (actress)


  • 1935: The board game Monopoly was released by the Parker Brothers

  • 1935: Edwin Armstrong first demonstrated FM radio transmission

  • 1939: Dominion Observatory time signal first broadcast by CBC Radio


  • 1940: President Franklin D. Roosevelt won an unprecedented third term in office by defeating Republican challenger Wendell Willkie

  • Born 1941: Art Garfunkel (musician)

  • Died 1942: George M. Cohan (songwriter)

  • Born 1943: Sam Shepard (actor & playwright)


  • Born 1959: Bryan Adams (musician)


  • Born 1963: Tatum O'Neal (actress)

  • Born 1965: Famke Janssen (actress)


  • Born 1971: Corin Nemec (actor)

  • Born 1973: Johnny Damon (baseball player)

  • Died 1977: Guy Lombardo (big band leader)

  • Died 1979: Al Capp (cartoonist, created Li'l Abner)


  • Died 1989: Vladimir Horowitz (pianist)


  • Died 1991: Fred MacMurray (actor)

  • 1996: A Global Positioning System (GPS) was patented


  • Died 2003: Bobby Hatfield (singer, half the singing duo known as the Righteous Brothers)


  • 2011: A 5.6-magnitude earthquake struck Lincoln County, Oklahoma. It was the state's strongest earthquake since 1952.

  • 2018: Voyager-2 probe crossed the heliopause and left our solar system to enter interstellar space

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