Daily Calendar for January 2nd, 2020

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  • Born 1647: Nathaniel Bacon (colonial leader)


  • 1788: Georgia ratified the U.S. Constitution


  • Born 1831: Justin Winsor (historian)


  • 1890: Alice Sanger became the first female staffer for the White House

  • Born 1895: Count Folke Bernadotte (Red Cross official)


  • 1905: Elara, a Moon of Jupiter, discovered

  • 1906: Willis H. Carrier patented an air conditioner


  • Born 1920: Isaac Asimov (author)

  • Born 1922: Renata Tebaldi (opera singer)


  • Born 1930: Julius LaRosa (singer)

  • Born 1936: Roger Dean Miller (singer)

  • Born 1939: Jim Bakker (evangelist)


  • 1942: Japanese invaded and occupied Manila and the Philipines after a successful attack on Pearl Harbor


  • 1959: Fidel Castro and his followers captured Santiago, Cuba; Fulgencio Batista went into exile

  • 1959: USSR's Luna I was launched, becoming the first spacecraft to leave Earth's gravity. Later, it became the first to reach the Moon's vicinity and the first to orbit the Sun.


  • 1960: The U.S. Federal Trade Commision charged seven record companies and eight distribution firms with paying disc-jockeys to play certain songs (Payola Incident)

  • 1963: General Lyman L. Lemnitzer became the supreme commander of NATO

  • 1965: The NY Jets signed quarterback Joe Namath for $427,000. At the time he was the highest paid player in pro football

  • Born 1968: Cuba Gooding Jr. (actor)

  • 1968: Robert Clark was seated as the first African American legislator in Mississippi in 74 years


  • Born 1972: Taye Diggs (actor)

  • 1975: Kenneth Brugger and Cathy Aguado discovered first winter refuge of monarch butterflies, in Mexico


  • Born 1983: Kate Bosworth (actress)

  • Died 1986: Bill Veeck (baseball player)

  • 1988: President Ronald Reagan and Prime Minister Brian Mulroney signed the final version of the U.S.-Canadian trade accord. The pact provided for the elimination of tariffs on most goods within 10 years and created a series of binational groups to regulate the agreement


  • 2006: Explosion in a West Virginia coal mine that led to the death of 12 of 13 miners--Sago Mine disaster


  • 2010: On this date a numerically rare event occurred: 01-02-2010 expressed backwards as a date is precisely 01-02-2010

  • Died 2011: Pete Postlethwaite (actor)

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