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Stargazing for December 2021

The Great Conjunction, Shooting Stars, and the Solstice!

The Editors

Are you a stargazer? Here are a few fun sights to see in December’s night sky!

The Geminid Meteor Shower: Look Out for Shooting Stars!

The most famous meteor shower of the year is the Geminid meteor shower. We call them “shooting stars” as they streak across the night sky! This year, you’ll see the most shooting stars on the night of Monday, December 13.

Usually, the Geminids can be seen all night long, but this year they’ll compete with a bright waxing gibbous Moon. The Moon’s light will wash them out for most of the night, but it will set a few hours before dawn on December 13. Between Moonset and dawn, when the sky is darkest, you’ll have the best chance at spotting the Geminids!

The Full Moon Rises

In December 2021, the full Moon will appear on the night of Saturday, December 18. This full Moon has traditionally been called the Cold Moon. Can you guess why? Brrrr! 

The Winter Solstice Marks the First Day of Winter

Winter officially begins on Tuesday, December 21! You can’t “see” the solstice, but it is an astronomical event. The solstice marks the day with the shortest amount of daylight and the longest night! After the 21st, the days will once again begin to grow longer as we march toward spring.