Stargazing for March 2021

The Equinox and a Fun Full Moon

February 26, 2021
Moon and Girl

Are you a stargazer? You will be! Here are a couple fun sights and facts about March astronomy.

Celebrate the First Day of Spring

In March, we welcome the start of the spring season! On Saturday, March 20, 2021, the Spring Equinox will occur, marking the start of spring in Earth’s northern hemisphere. During the equinox, which happens at precisely 5:37 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time on the 20th, the Sun stands directly over Earth’s equator.

Watch for the Full Worm Moon

In March 2021, the full Moon arrives in the afternoon of Sunday, March 28. For the best view of this full Moon, which is traditionally called the Worm Moon, look for it on the nights of Saturday, March 27, and Sunday, March 28. The Moon will rise above the horizon just after sunset! Read more about the Full Worm Moon!