Stargazing for May 2020

Spot Some Planets and The Year's Last Supermoon!

April 30, 2020
Moon and Girl

No need for a telescope! Here are a couple fun astronomical tidbits to enjoy in May.

The Last Supermoon of 2020

May’s full Moon is the last of a series of three supermoons to occur in early 2020. The fun began with March’s Full Worm Moon, reached its peak with April’s Full Pink Moon, and ends with May’s Full Flower Moon. 

Supermoons are just a little bit bigger and brighter than your average full Moon, though the difference is hard to see with the naked eye!

For the best view of this full Moon, which is traditionally called the Full Flower Moon, venture outside after dark on Wednesday the 6th. Read more about the Full Flower Moon here!

Spot Venus and Mercury!

Starting in the evening of May 1, watch for the planet Venus in the northwest, where she will be a brilliant evening star for most of the month. By the end of May, she will disappear below the horizon. 

On the 21st, look for Venus and Mercury to almost form a line (called a conjunction) low in the sky. 

Two nights later, on May 23, these two planets will form a dinnertime triangle with the thin crescent Moon.