Stargazing for November 2020

Spot Planets and Meteors This Month

November 2, 2020
Moon and Girl

See Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn

In the evening, as night approaches, look to the east to spot Mars and to the west to spot Jupiter. After you spot bright Jupiter, find Saturn, the Ringed Planet, about 5 degrees east of Jupiter. (Five degrees is roughly the width of two fingers at an arm length from the eye.) All three planets will not be as bright as they have been in recent months, but are still easily seen in dark skies!

Three Meteor Showers This Month

Keep an eye out for these three meteor showers! 

  1. The Taurid meteors appear in the late evening of Monday, November 9. They are are a small meteor shower, producing only about 3 meteors per hour that night.
  2. The Leonid meteors reach their peak between November 17 and 18. Look for them in the hours before dawn on the 18th. 
  3. The last meteor shower of the month, the Andromedids, appear between November 25 and 27—perfectly timed for Thanksgiving (U.S.), which is Thursday, November 26. The Andromedids will be visible in the late evening, between 10 P.M. and midnight.