Stargazing for October 2019

Find Jupiter and Saturn!

October 1, 2019
Moon and Girl

Jupiter and Saturn dominate the night sky in October. You have the chance to see the Moon meet both of these planets! Let’s explore!

Find Jupiter

  • On October 3, look at the night sky right when darkness arrives.  Can you spot the crescent Moon? Now look near the tip of the Moon. That’s Jupiter! The king planet is extremely bright so you should not have any problems seeing this beautiful pair in the night sky.
  • On October 4, the Moon is traveling from Jupiter to Saturn.

Spot Saturn

  • On October 5, look for the Moon again at dusk. Now it’s coupling up with ringed Saturn! They are right next to each other, dancing the entire night away.

Halloween Night Surprise

  • Get ready for Halloween! On October 30 and 31, 2019, look again for dazzling Jupiter to pair up with the Moon as night falls. What a cool sight while you are trick or treating!

The other planets are not easy to see this month. They are lost in the glare of the Sun!

The Nights Grow Longer

Have you noticed that it’s now dark when you wake up for school? The days will keep getting shorter and the nights will keep getting longer until around Christmas!

Want to see the time of the sunrise and sunset where you live?  And see how the length of your day is changing?

Check out our cool Sunrise and Sunset Calculator! Just put in your zip code. It all changes every day!