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October 5, 1786

The famous flood that occurred on the Delaware and Susquehanna Rivers on this date was called the Pumpkin Flood. Heavy rains cleared the fields of autumn’s harvest.One observer remembered, “Heavy pumpkins came tumbling downstream like great orange cannonballs and had much the same effect when houses or men stood in their way.”

October 13, 1754

Mary Ludwig Hays was born on this date near Trenton, New Jersey. Because Hays brought pitchers of water to her husband as he fought in the American Revolution, she was nicknamed Molly Pitcher. When her husband was unable to continue fighting, Mary reportedly took his place on the battlefield and helped operate a cannon. In 1882, she was recognized by the state of Pennsylvania for her work during the American Revolution.

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A power plant in the Netherlands uses the gas from chicken poop, called methane, to power almost 100,000 homes.

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