A Kiss Is Just A Kiss...or is it?

By Samantha Jones
July 20, 2017
Craig & Rhonda June 27, 1992

Throughout history, the kiss has been used to express a range of emotions. What makes a pucker so powerful? The 2013 Old Farmer’s Almanac shares some lip lore from around the world that may answer that question!

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A Kiss Is Just A Kiss … or Is It?

• In some areas of England, it is believed that a newborn will be influenced later in life by the character of the person (other than its mother) who gives it its first kiss.

• If a girl stands under mistletoe, she can not refuse anyone who wishes to kiss her.

• To protect yourself from lightning, make three crosses in front of yourself and kiss the ground three times.

• For good luck in gambling, kiss the cards before the game begins.

• To cure a toothache, kiss a donkey on his chops.

• If you drop a piece of bread on the floor, kiss it when you pick it up to avoid bad luck.

• Danish custom says that it’s a bad omen when the first person you see in the morning is an old woman. Should that happen, you must kiss her to avoid bad luck.

Kiss Good-Bye for Good Luck

According to a study by German psychologist Dr. Arthur Sazbo, people who kissed their spouse good-bye in the morning:
• missed less work due to illness
• had fewer auto accidents on the way to work
• earned 20 to 30 percent more money monthly
• lived approximately 5 years longer than those who did not

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