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Live! Full Pink Moon Show April 21, 2016

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You’re invited to our LIVE Pink Moon Show this Thursday evening, April 21, 2016!

We, your Almanac editors, are hosting a free, 45-minute broadcast devoted to you, our Almanac community, and the Full Moon of April.

This year, the April Full Moon is at “apogee” or furthest from the Earth, but you’ll see it all vividly through SLOOH’s giant telescope in the Canary Islands, Spain, where there are dark skies! 

Pretty cool. Sit in your own home. The lens of your eyes will be enhanced by the lens of a powerful telescope which will feed its images directly to your computer or mobile device. 

Just think. We’re all connected to each other and this miraculous ebb and flow of nature as caused by celestial bodies.  It’s these moments of wonder we all take for granted but are no less delighted to be exposed to, again and gain.

The live webcast starts at:  8 PM EDT | 5 PM PDT | 00:00 UTC

Go to our Live Show Page here for more viewing times and details: www.Almanac.com/pink-moon

No, the “Pink Moon” is not really pink!


Pink phlox blooming this very week in my yard! This is the reason for the Pink Moon’s name.


A creative image of the Moon with the pink phlox covering the round orb. What do you think?


Again, the live event will begin on this page: www.Almanac.com/pink-moon

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