May Forecast: Summery Weather on the Way

May Turns Up the Heat!

April 24, 2020
Summer Clouds

What weather can we expect for May 2020? Will April showers bring those fabled May flowers? Almanac meteorologist Michael Steinberg provides the extended forecast for May below.

May Forecast: Summer Weather On the Way

Overall, the month of May will mark the transition from the last vestiges of coolness in April to what promises to be a hot summer in most places. 

Expect the month to bring early heat in the eastern United States, with well above-normal temperatures. From Texas westward to the California desert and northward to the Canadian border, temperatures will be a bit below normal for May, although much warmer than they were in April. And while Newfoundland will be on the cool side, expect above-normal temperatures, on average, across the rest of Canada.

Those of you who are celebrating May Day on the 1st should expect warm temperatures in most areas, although the maypole may be dampened by showers in Florida, from the Ohio River westward to the Rockies, and in the Prairies and Atlantic regions of Canada.

If, like me, you view Star Wars Day as the most important holiday of the year, May the Fourth be with you. Along with the Fourth, you will have showers and thunderstorms scattered across much of the United States and Canada.

For you Cinco de Mayo fans, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico will be scattering showers throughout the eastern United States, while drier air from Mexico brings mainly sunny skies to the west. Farther away from Mexican weather influence, folks in Canada will be dampened by showers in the east and west, with mainly dry weather in the Prairies.

My mom would be upset with me if I didn’t give her sunny, warm weather for Mother’s Day on the 10th. Hopefully, the flowers and chocolate will make up for the showers in many areas and cool temperatures in most of the western United States, as well as western and northern Canada.

The big U.S. holiday in May, Memorial Day on the 25th, marks the start of what I hope will be a great summer season. The holiday weekend will be memorialized with celestial salutes: thunderstorms (a sign of warm temperatures, fog, energy consumption) scattered across nearly all of the nation—although it will not rain enough to deter a backyard grilling session.

Hurricane Season Approaches

Looking ahead to Atlantic hurricane season, which officially runs from June 1 to November 30, storm activity will be near average, with the best chance for a major hurricane strike in mid-September from Florida to North Carolina. Other threats of hurricanes or tropical storms will occur in the same area in mid- to late June, in Florida in mid- to late July and mid- to late October, and in early to mid-October from the Deep South and Southeast northeastward to New England.

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