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Mind-Manglers for Puzzle Lovers

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Take a moment out of your day for a few brain twisters with these puzzles from the new Old Farmer’s Almanac book Puzzles & Pleasantries! Happy puzzling!

Mind-Manglers for Puzzle Lovers

Riddle #8:
What’s that in the fire, and not in the flame?
What’s that in the master, and not in the dame?
What’s that in the courtier, and not in the clown?
What’s that in the country, and not in the town?

What’s the Word #1:
I am composed of 4 letters.
My first’s in a fish, but not in an owl.
My second’s in shad, but not in a fowl.
My third’s in a crab, but not in a quail.
My fourth’s in a mackerel, but not in its tail.
My whole is a thing that it pays to hoe well.

Charades #12:
My whole is worn under my second and surrounds my first.

Charades #18:
My first, if you do, you won’t hit it;
My next, if you do, you won’t leave it;
My whole, if you do, you won’t guess it.

Conundrum #1:
What key is the hardest to turn?

Conundrum #18:
Why is the letter A the best remedy for a deaf woman?

Conundrum #79:
What do we often return but never borrow?

A Few Pleasantries

A Mutual Service
He: “I am very unfortunate; it seems I can please nobody.”
She: “Come, cheer up; I have no one to admire me either.”
He: “Tell you what. Let’s found a society for mutual admiration. I, for instance, admire your beautiful eyes, and what do you admire in me?”
She: “Your good taste.”

Tightening the Belt
“Did the doctor limit you to any particular diet?”
“No, but his bill did.”

The Whole Truth
The following verbatim conversation came from a real court trial:
Q: And lastly, Gary, all your responses must be oral, OK?
A: Oral?
Q: How old are you?
A: Oral.

Answers: (Riddle #8: The letter R, What’s the Word #1: Farm, Charades #12: Waist-coat, Charades #18: Miss-take (mistake), Conundrum #1: A donkey, Conundrum #18: Because it makes her hear, Conundrum #79: Thanks)

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