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Mint Chiller: The Perfect Summertime Drink Recipe

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I found my new go-to summer drink recipe: Mint Chiller. Doesn’t the name alone make you want to try it?

The recipe involves making a mint simple syrup, an ingredient I have seen on countless menus but had never thought to try. Turns out, making simple syrup is simple, just as the name implies. It’s hardly any more difficult than boiling a pot of water.

Using mint simple syrup is the perfect way to add a ton of flavor and aroma—a lot more than simply adding fresh leaves. In fact, it got me (and everyone else who tried it) thinking about what other mint recipes we could come up with.

The punch, which also features refreshing citrus flavors, was a hit. Here’s the recipe: Mint Chiller

I wanted to incorporate fresh mint in the presentation somehow, especially since I was serving this to guests. I made an ice mold with some of the leftover leaves, and floated it in the punch bowl. With the sliced citrus fruit, it added just the right touch for entertaining.

What are your favorite homemade summer beverages?

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