After a Cold Day Outside, Enjoy a Mug of Hot Chocolate with Peppermint

July 20, 2017
Hot Chocolate

When I am doing something active outdoors in the winter, my beverage of choice is water. The expression “hydrate or die” is no joke. But, after a cold day skiing, sledding, or skating, nothing warms me up better than a cup of hot chocolate. I am not a hot chocolate snob, although I do need a little more than flavored powder from a packet with hot water, but not much more: Warm milk, coffee, or even peppermint tea with one serving of Swiss Miss works for me.

The best hot chocolate I ever had was in Mürren, Switzerland, prepared by a little old man who called his signature drink a “Heidi.” This tasty concoction had warmed whole milk, melted chocolate, and a shot of peppermint schnapps whisked to frothy perfection. Forget the Swiss Miss: The Swiss Cute Little Old Man with a Tuft of White Hair and Rosy Red Cheeks makes the best hot chocolate in the world.

To make a “Heidi” yourself, follow your favorite hot chocolate recipe or one of’s most popular hot chocolate recipes and add one shot or less of peppermint schnapps. If you don’t drink alcohol, add a peppermint stick or peppermint tea bag while you heat the milk. If you want to get really fancy, top with fresh whip cream and a few sprigs of mint. This might just become your signature winter drink.

What’s your favorite hot chocolate recipe, or signature drink?  Please share below.