How to Stop the Hiccups

March 15, 2019

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hiccups2.jpgRead on for a surefire remedy for getting rid of hiccups that can strike a person anytime, anywhere!  

It’s hard to forget the embarrassment of being attacked by hiccups in a library.

From that moment, I vowed to share my no-fail, portable hiccup antidote with everyone I met.

Best Cure for Hiccups

Some hiccups just can’t be stopped by breathing into a paper bag, drinking water fast while holding your nose, or having someone suddenly scare you. 

Fortunately, you can find the ultimate cure for hiccups in a simple bowl of sugar. This remedy has always won many anti-hiccup battles with immediate results:

  • Use your tongue to massage about a teaspoonful of sugar across the roof of your mouth for several seconds (the sugar will start melting).  In a moment you’ll have relief from your hiccups. Repeat just once if necessary.

Another nice thing about this cure aside from how quickly it works is that it’s portable. You can carry a small, inexpensive packet of sugar almost anywhere to treat hiccups.

Other Cures

If you’d rather avoid sugar, here are some other options folks have suggested:

  • Massage ice cubes against the roof of your mouth.
  • Eat a spoonful of peanut butter.
  • Breathe deeply into a small pillow filled with fragrant pine needles and think peaceful thoughts. 
  • Rub one earlobe between your thumb and forefinger.
  • Bite your thumbs and then blow on them.
  • Swallow a spoonful of vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, or something spicy hot.

Do you know of another reliable cure for the hiccups?  Please share it below!

What Causes Hiccups

Hiccups are spasms of the diaphragm that can be brought on by gulping down your food or carbonated beverages, eating or drinking too much or too quickly, or experiencing strong emotions.

(Usually, hiccups last only a few minutes. If they last for days, see your doctor.)

Although hiccups tend to make a person more tense, it’s really important to try to calm yourself to help them go away. Visualizing the most tranquil place you know of or somewhere from your childhood may help you to relax. Our thoughts often have a powerful effect on our bodies.

Combining the healing power of your mind with your hiccup cure of choice, you can rejoice with, “H’up h’up away… hip hip hooray!”

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hicchup remedy

plug your ears while drinking liquid and keep them plugged and hold your breath till you burp

Stop hiccups using home remedies

Nice blog! Swishing mixture of Yogurt & Salt in your mouth is the best home remedies for hiccups.

Sipping citrus juice or

Sipping citrus juice or sucking on a slice of lemon or lime. -- Always works for me. Drinking water from the opposite of the glass while leaning forward also words.


If someone has the hiccups just walk up to them and ask them to hold their hands out palms up. Look at their face as you hold their hands while you gently rub your thumbs across their palms. This works every time.

Hiccup cure

This method has always worked for me. Put a pencil in your mouth and drink a full glass of water. This method changes your breathing pattern, which stops your hiccups. It's always a winning cure for the hiccups in my book.

How to stop hiccups

Simply drink a few sips of water out of the "wrong" side of a other words lean forward and do it the difficult way. It works for me every time, especially if I don't have an audience. By the way, don't tell a child to do this. Children take everything too literally and are very likely to look at you as if you were mad and then just turn the glass around!

Drink from wrong side of glass

I use the same method and it works every time. Crazy but effective.

How to stop hiccups

Pant like a dog - I didn't believe it when I heard it but it really does work!

Hiccup cure

Ask the hiccuper what he/she had for lunch yesterday. The surprise at your question, and subsequent concentration, usually causes the hiccups to cease. And "I don't remember." isn't an acceptable answer.

Stand on your head & garggle

Stand on your head & garggle peanut butter, * eat bark off a tree nearest the busy highway * do the hokey pokey on roller skates twice spin around once * wear blue on fridays * say fly away bird fly away crow go down south where warm winds blow * If you try these on your own choice they will either cure or kill ya good luck


My cure is to have my students put their pencil or pen between their teeth and walk to get a drink. Their hiccups are usually gone before they get to the drinking fountain. I don't know if it is that they change their breathing pattern or are more relaxed. It has also worked for me at my home.

Shedding hiccups

Fill a glass with water and then cover the top with a paper towel. Exhale and then drink the water through the paper towel. That should take care of those hiccups.

Shedding hiccups

Fill a glass with water and then cover the top with a paper towel. Exhale and then the water through the paper towel. That should take care of those hiccups.


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