Spring Equinox 2016 Live on Saturday!

November 19, 2018
Spring Forsythia


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LIVE this Saturday night! It’s the March Equinox 2016 show!  

OK, this is not “Saturday Night Live” you may know. It’s more of a “Celebrate Spring” party! Ready to have some fun?

Live on Saturday!

Here at the Almanac, we’re hosting a live show to celebrate spring this Saturday, March 19 at: 
2PM PDT / 5PM EDT.  It’s a half-hour and free!

(Some people asked whether the equinox is on March 20.  It depends on your time zone. For many North Americans, it falls on Saturday; for others on Sunday. See your time zone.)

Watch the Sun in all its majesty with live solar views from the Prescott Observatory in Arizona! Almanac astronomer Bob Berman will discuss the cultural significance of the equinox; senior editor Mare-Anne Jarvela will share wisdom on gardening and spring folklore and more!

For this live webcast, we are partnering with our friends at SLOOH—who share the sky though their powerful telescopes. Think of their telescope lens as the lens of YOUR eyes.  SLOOH will feed the view right to your screen. You will feel as if you are there. In many ways, it’s even better than your eyes!  You’ll have front row seats.

This live webcast will appear on the Spring Equinox page: Click here for webcast!


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