Looking for Planet Nine

November 19, 2018
What is Planet Nine?


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What is Planet Nine? Find out more about a possible new planet in our solar system.

Everyone likes planets.  They’re familiar.  We live on one.  Ask your Aunt Lucie to name a few of the solar system’s Moons or to recite five stars, and you’ll probably get a blank stare.  But ask her to name all the planets, and no problem.

It’s been a while since anyone found a new planet in our solar system.  The world was amazed at the discovery of Uranus in 1781 and Neptune in 1846. 

Pluto’s discovery in 1930 also generated global excitement. It didn’t hurt when Walt Disney named his only nonspeaking character after it a year later. (The dog had been “Rover” in an earlier cartoon). 

But as we all know, Pluto was demoted in 2006—officially designated a “dwarf” like so many other Disney characters. See definition of a dwarf planet.

Image: NASA. Dwarf planets Pluto and Eris orbiting through the Kuiper Belt, beyond Neptune.

We’re ready for a new one.  And we may get it.  Researchers recently discovered that the weird orbits of six very distant icy objects can be explained if they’re being tugged by a huge unseen world far away.

IF a planet is discovered, it would have to be several times larger than Earth.  And achingly distant.

If Earth’s distance from the Sun is 1 astronomical unit or AU, and Pluto averages 40 AUs from the Sun, a new planet would have to have a highly eccentric non-round orbit that comes as close as 200 and goes as far away as at least 500 AUs. That’s way out there.

Image: NASA. If Planet X exists its orbit might exist in the frozen Kuiper Belt region of our outer solar system, counterbalancing the orbits of the other Kuiper objects with its gravitational pull.

Hypothetically, it would be at its farthest away right now. That would make it incredibly dim, something like magnitude 22, or a thousand times fainter than Pluto. Tough to find.  So far, it’s being called Planet Nine.  No doubt, if it exists, it will be named after some Roman god, to match the other planets.

Image: The imaginary Planet Nine.

At a time when all the naked-eye planets are visible at the same time, it’s exciting to think that our solar system might have a large, mysterious new member.  Aren’t we all kind of rooting for Planet Nine?

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Planet Nine contest



This contest is closed. We will announce the winners this coming week!  Look for announcement here, in our Companion newsletter, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

name that planet

It should be called Oblivion !

Or Skyrim!

Or Skyrim!

Name Planet 9 contest


Planet 9 name


Name That Planet contest

Celestial Axion 9

Planet 9

Name it Pax (Latin for peace).

Ninth planet name

I would say Isis, Greek goddess of sky and nature!

9th planet

If we believe this is it, we call it Omega----the end,
If we believe there is still more to come,we call it Alpha.
My choice might be something simple as Tom- Tom

new planet name

Rhondee Paw

9th planet

I would like it to be named Sapphire for it's beautiful dark blue nature.

Name that planet

Klaatu, Robby, Galia, Zena, Lydia, Boris, Anaya, Zion, Troy, Kilani, Hahn, Liana, Theo, Theadora, = some ideas... ;)

Planet Name

How about Agnostos Theos (Greek)

Planet Nine

I suggest Kur, which is the Sumerian name for the Underworld, or of the dragon that ruled it.

9th planet


Name the Ninth Planet contest

I suggest Triton, who was a mythological Greek god, the messenger of the sea.

Planet 9

Name it Harper

Planet 9

Going with the gods-Minerva or Janus

As of current regulations,

As of current regulations, planets are required to be named after Gods. I personally really like either Hekate, Persephone, or Ishtar for planets.

Name the 9th planet

I pick Janus or Bellona!!

Planet 9

How about naming this planet Destiny?
Advances in space technology will eventually become Earth's destiny.

Please name the planet 9

Please name the planet 9 Renee. It means rebirth or born again. It would be in honour of my sister Renee who passed away at the young age of 18.
Thank you,

Naming Planet Nine


..the Web of Destiny Dark Planet

Planet 9

My pick is Janus, the God of beginnings, doorways, transitions and time.

Naming planet nine

Atlas. The Titan God of Astronomy and Navigation

Name plant


naming the new planet

MNEMOSYNE was Titan goddess of memory and remembrance and the inventress of language and words.

As a Titan daughter of Ouranos (Heaven), Mnemosyne was also a goddess of time. She represented the rote memorisation required, before the introduction of writing, to preserve the stories of history and sagas of myth. In this role she was represented as the mother of the Mousai (Muses), originally patron goddesses of the poets of the oral tradition.

Finally Mnemosyne was a minor oracular goddess like her sister-Titanes. She presided over the underground oracle of Trophonios in Boiotia.

The Titanis Mnemosyne was sometimes described as one of three Elder Titan Mousai (Muses), who preceded the nine daughters of Zeus as goddesses of music.

Since most have been named in the either Roman or Greek pantheons, this one, from the Greek, seems to fit for the next one.

Name planet

Since it is undiscovered, unseen , I suggest "Voldemort" the one that cannot be named.

Name Planet

Janus - Janus was the God of Doors and beginnings and endings.

Since scientists really don't know if there may be more planets, or not, this finding could be the beginning of who knows how many endings!

name planet

Flex the cat

Star name

I want it name it K9S

Planet 9

I suggest Pandora because it's opening a can of worms!

Planet 9

I propose "Novo" for the name of planet 9. For one reason, Novo could be Latin-ish for "Nine". Another reason is that "Novo" is close to "nouveau", French for "New". Not that it is a new planet, but that it is newly discovered. "Novo" is perfect (and simple to remember).

Name for "Planet Nine"

I submit Minerva, goddess of wisdom.

Name That Planet Contest

Hanson“George Washington was the first President of the United States.” A statement that is believed by anyone in the world who has studied American History. From the smallest first grader to those who have graduated from the most expensive and prestigious Ivy League Collages, we all know for a fact that George Washington was the first President of the United States. Unfortunately, this is not the truth. Actually, John Hanson was the first President of the United States.* I find it ironic that the man we are taught “could not tell a lie” is himself the subject of one of the many lies that make up what we believe to be the history of our country.

John Hanson was born on April 14, 1721 on the family plantation near Mulberry Grove, Md. As a young man, like most of America’s wealthy landowners’ offspring, he was sent off to England to get a gentleman’s education. Upon returning from England he ran the family business… the 1000-acre plantation. In 1757 he was elected to the Maryland House of Delegates, an office he held undefeated for 24 years. In 1781 he was elected to the Continental Congress. And in that same year he became the first President of the United States. As stated in The People’s Almanac:

In 1781, while Washington was still fighting the last battles of the Revolution, the 13 Colonies joined together in a loose union under the Articles of Confederation. After the British surrender in Yorkstown, this new confederation needed a leader…. In November 1781, the Continental Congress elected John Hanson “President of The United States in Congress Assembled”. (p261)
George Washington was elected President on February 4th, 1789… eight years, and several presidents later. The Continental Congress was the United States’ first government. And John Hanson was our first President. In an ironic twist there is a letter from General George Washington to newly elected president John Hanson him congratulating on his “appointment to fill the most important Seat in the United States”. *

Of course the die-hard skeptic will think “That’s because Hanson was elected by Congress… but, Washington was the first to be elected by the people”. This is a non-reason and only opens up another can of worms.

There are several instances of Vice Presidents taking over for President’s, but the case that comes to mind is that of Gerald Ford. He wasn’t elected by anyone. Not as President nor Vice President. He was appointed by Richard Nixon to replace Vice President Spiro Agnew. It’s also interesting to note that after advancing to the presidency following Nixon’s resignation to stop impeachment against himself, Ford gave Nixon a full pardon blocking any criminal charges that might come along. If Hanson doesn’t deserve to head the short list of America’s presidents because he wasn’t elected by the people then it would mean Gerald Ford wasn’t the 38th President.

The fact of the matter is John Hanson, the real first president of the United States has been virtually ignored by historians and educators.

1 The People’s Almanac. David Wallechinsky and Irving Wallace. Doubleday & Co. Garden City, NY. (1975)
2 Ibid.

Not Really A Lie

I found your writings regarding John Hanson vs George Washington as 1st President of the United States very interesting, Donald. I'm not sure what that has to do with the Name That Planet Contest unless you are submitting "Hanson" as your name for the planet! In any event, John Hanson was one of eight men who were appointed to serve one year terms under the Articles of Confederation. Many people have argued that John Hanson was the first President of the United States, but this is not really true. Under the Articles of Confederation, the U.S. had no Executive Branch and the President of CONGRESS was more or less a ceremonial position.

Since George Washington was the first President elected by the People under the Constitution for a four year term, I'll still defer to him as our first TRUE President and the father of our Nation. A great resource regarding the US Constitution, the Founding Fathers and other founding documents can be found at


Best Regards,




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