Spectacle at Dawn

June 6, 2016
Crescent Moon at Dawn


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Can I convince you to wake up just before dawn?  What if I tell you it’s the greatest planetary spectacle of the year?  And you get two chances—this Saturday morning and Sunday morning, October 10 and 11.

What’s there depends on whether you have a clear unobstructed view to the east.  Some do, like many in Kansas or Florida. If you have such a gorgeous view toward sunrise then you really shouldn’t miss this. Even if you don’t, it’s well worth a look. 

Saturday Planet Alignment

Face east Saturday morning, 45 minutes before sunrise. That’s around 6:30 AM for many folks, but not everyone, due to varying time zone positions. 

  • There’s the thin waning crescent Moon. 
  • Just above the Moon floats a bright star, Jupiter. 
  • Closely above Jupiter is a dim orange star, Mars. 
  • Thanks to the hit movie, Mars is in the spotlight right now. 
  • Then above Mars, highest up of all and also brightest, stands the glorious Morning Star, Venus. 
  • They’re all lined up.  What a sight.

 If you have that clear view east, look below the Moon and the only “star” down there is Mercury.

Sunday Planet Alignment

On Sunday morning, the Moon is lower at that same time, about 45 minutes before sun-up.  You won’t even see the Moon unless your eastern horizon is unobstructed.  But if its clear in that directio . .  

  • A single bright star hovers just to the left of that hair-thin crescent Moon—Mercury.  They’re almost touching!
  • High above them, still in a row, is Jupiter—then Mars—and then Venus highest.

Both mornings thus offer a dramatic alignment of every single naked eye solar system object except for Saturn.  You don’t need a telescope.

Saturn and the Sun

Actually, though Saturn is in the evening sky, it’s only a couple of constellations over.  All the planets are therefore aligned in a single direction in space.  The whole solar system is lopsided right now, like an out of balance washing machine.  When especially Jupiter and Saturn are more or less in the same direction, they influence the Sun’s position, yanking it from its average location by one full Sun width.  So though it’s not obvious, the Sun is not quite in its normal spot in the sky.

All this parades in front of us.  Sure, it’s the weekend, and who wants to get up early?  But if it’s forecast to be clear Saturday or Sunday morning, but I’m sure going to set the alarm.

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Saw this from the clear Texas

Saw this from the clear Texas sky this morning at 6:15 central time. Venus is so bright and beautiful. Thanks.

they arent stars. 3 are

they arent stars. 3 are planets and one is our moon.


Bob Berman's picture

Astronomers use the word “star” when discussing how to find planets because they look just like stars in the sky. It’s an old convention –as in “Venus is the Morning Star.” While most folks generally don’t know a lot of astronomy, everyone knows that Mars, say, is a planet, so we don’t dumb it down by “explaining” that when we say “That bright star is Jupiter,” we’re really talking about a planet. Nor do we need to explain that our moon is not a star, either. However, just to be on the safe side, you’ll notice that the article always does refer to them as planets, several times.

The alignment

Wow, I got to see it this morning! I went outside at 6 AM and there it was. Venus is so bright and beautiful. A little cloud cover here but what an awesome sight. What a treat to be able to see these wonderful spectacles.

So glad...

Bob Berman's picture

Great, Laurie – and except for Mercury, the planet show continues for at least another week…

The alignment

Will this be visible from Zambia, too?

Yes, absolutely.

Bob Berman's picture

Yes, absolutely.


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