Last-Minute Halloween Dinner

October 25, 2019
Halloween Hands Punch

Cook up a Halloween dinner for something fun! Here is an easy Halloween menu with three recipes for a main dish, scary punch drink, and creepy dessert!

Jack-O’-Lantern Hamburger Pie

This hearty main meal is easy because you use prepared refrigerator pie crusts. Just make a meatloaf mix such as our Bonnie’s Meatloaf recipe but instead of shaping it into a loaf, put the mix into a pie crust. Take a second pie crust, cut out a jack-o’-lantern’s face, and place the crust top of meat mix. Bake at 350ºF for 45 minutes or until browned.

Serve with a salad and some bright orange vegetables such as carrots or sweet potatoes.

Photo credit: Campbell’s

An even easier recipe idea is to simply to make Halloween burgers by cutting pumpkin faces into the cheese. Or, make a vampire burger with olive or grape eyeballs and “bloody” catsup.


Zombie Hands Punch

For a scary-looking drink, make zombie hands punch. Take fruit punch or juice, fill 2 clear surgical gloves (found at your local pharmacy), tie off, and stick the gloves in the freezer overnight. Then float the gloves in a punch-filled bowl, and they look like zombie hands!

Photo credit: JCP

Another simple idea is to freeze Gummy worms in apple juice and serve everyone a creepy crawly drink!

Halloween Dessert

For dessert, have some fun with make-your-own spider cookies

Put an Oreo cookie on a plate. Help the kids tear a piece of think black licorice into six to eight “spider leg” pieces and gently push them into the sides of each cookie (into the frosting middle). Place six to eight mini-M&M “eyes” on the top of the cookie, using chocolate frosting to help the eyes stick. Eat!

Photo credit: Betty Crocker 



I found the spider cookie idea and a lot of fun ideas in The Old Farmer’s Almanac for Kids, a book my 10-year-old son just can’t put down. 


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