Introducing Asian Greens to your Household

July 20, 2017
Asian Greens 2015
Chelsea Nemec

“Lettuce is luscious and kale is comforting, but to put some pizzazz into your garden, grow Asian greens.” –Sheryl Normandeau

Introducing Asian Greens to your Household!

Avoid the store, and fill your garden with all the greens you’ll need to make a delicious salad! They are super easy to grow and maintain in your garden beds or even in a small pot if you’re looking to save time, space and energy. You might even consider putting these Asian greens around your front yard or along borders, they areas beautiful to look at as they are yummy!

What type should I choose for my garden?

Check out our full description for each of the Asian greens in out 2015 Edition of The Old Farmer’s Almanac!

Amaranth (aka Chinease Spinach, Hiyu, Callaloo)

  • Feel free to swap out this red, green or sometimes striped vegetable for recipes that call for spinach.

Gardland chrysanthemnm (aka Shungiku)

  • These cheerful yellow flowers are actually edible!

Komatsuna (aka mustard spinach)

  • Looking to add a unique flavor to your scrambled eggs, here’s the plant for you!


  • This leaf has a slightly peppery taste, and the flavor only gets stronger as the plant matures.

Mizuna (aka Chinease potherb mustard)

  • Although you might think this will have a mustard taste, it’s flavor is actually closer to that of a cabbage.

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