March Monthly Preview

July 20, 2017
March Monthly 2015

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Can you believe it's already March? Take a look inside the March issue of our Almanac MONTHLY magazine—now available on tablets and your computer!

In the March MONTHLY, we'll tell you what weather to expect, which stars to see, and which seeds to be planting this month—along with many other articles, facts and folklore to keep you entertained all throughout March!

March Monthly Preview

The Effluvia of Asps

What is meant by the Ides of March?

Why, madam, the Ides were eight old women, the Nones nine, and Calind another, making eighteen in the whole. Their breath was [as] poison as the effluvia of asps. In the month of March, particularly when other folks kept in, by reason of bad going, these old hags were sure to be abroad, blurting and puffing their venom against every good reputation, to which they were mortal enemies.”

-The Old Farmer’s Almanac, 1816

For more of this story, find the full narrative in the March Monthly!

This Month in the Universe

This month’s full Moon, the Full Worm Moon arrives at 1:05 pm EST. Make sure to take pictures from wherever you are in the world to send into us!

March 8 marks the beginning of daylight savings time so don’t forget to set your clocks one hour ahead, or you’ll find yourself an hour late for appointments!

Gardeners, Start Your Seeds

Secrets of seed starting: looking ahead to this year’s growing season.

Ladies and gentlemen, start picking out your favorite seeds because spring officially begins on March 20th! We know you’re excited, but make sure to check out the last frost date in your area because you will likely need to start your seeds indoors. We’ve got all the advice you’ll need for the upcoming growing season, whether this is your first attempt or are a seasoned gardener. Happy growing!

The March of Winds

The whys and wherefores of winds.

Pull out your kites and prepare for a windy month! Ever wondered why the wind blows? What causes it to speed up or slow down? March is known to be one of the windiest months all year, and we break it down why that is and take a look back at some of the key events in March’s weather history.

Down Home Remedies Don’t help (and May Harm)

Debunking some ill-advised home remedies.

I enjoy researching the old ways of using what’s at hand for healing minor ills and meeting the needs of everyday life. But I’m also a fan of science and hard evidence, and sometimes science reveals that a tried-and-true solution to a common problem is ineffective—or worse, harmful.” Make sure to check out this month’s edition to find out which remedies to discard and which to continue!

The March Monthly is filled with plenty of facts, folklore and fun to entertain you throughout the month. Then before you know it spring will be upon us!

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