Invasion of the Garden Catalogs--Part 2

February 11, 2019
Part 2

‘Big Kiss’ ganzania is one of the gorgeous and tough flowers new this year. It blooms all season and takes droughts in its stride.

Courtesy of Thompson & Morgan Seeds

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So many gorgeous flowers and too little space!  That’s my dilemma as I pore over the seed catalogs. 

Some of the outstanding flowers for 2013 I covered in The All-Season Garden Guide, which will be out in March.  However, there are plenty more I didn’t have space to write about, like the following gems.


If you want many perennials like coneflowers, it’s much cheaper to grow them from seed.  Why pay $5 for a 4-inch pot when you can have a dozen or more for $5 or less?  ‘Cheyenne Spirit” Echinacea, a 2013 All-American Selection winner, makes a vivid landscape impact when planted in mass, and plants are drought-proof, disease-free and draw pollinators.

‘Supreme Cantaloupe’ is one of many new Echinacea this season.  All are perfect for dry, sunny areas and attract pollinators and birds. Photo courtesy of Terra Nova Nurseries.

Another Echinacea or coneflower I love is ‘Supreme Cantaloupe’.  It’s a creamy orange flower with long petals surrounding a frilly triple head.  I grew it last year, and the flowers were dazzling.  Hummingbirds and butterflies loved them, too.


‘Big Kiss Yellow Flame’ gazania was also a winner in my drought-struck garden last summer.  Flowers are 4-½-inches in diameter, with stunning color that doesn’t fade.  Plants bloomed continually, and they thrived in the heat.  These tough plants are excellent for edging, as they are low and spread, and in containers.

Photo courtesy of Fleuroselect.

A Hungarian-bred deep orange celosia,Arrabona, is a dazzler, especially massed in beds.  The 13-inch-high flowers are a 2013 Fleuroselect Gold Medal winner.  Seeds are easy to start, plants are drought-proof and the fiery flowers remain in bloom forever!  Their unique color and toughness make this flower the perfect no-work landscape element.

Photo courtesy of Ball Horticulture.

A new trend is to fuse different flower seeds together so they sprout and grow as a coordinated package.  That’s what ‘Blueberry Lime Jam’ petunias are, deep purple and lime-white petunia seeds in one pellet.  Just push two or three pellets into a container and watch them sprout and grow with harmonizing beauty.

Tropics in Miniature

Photo courtesty of Suntory Collection.

Bougainvillea is a tropical “wow” plant with pink, purple and even orange bracts that laughs at the heat.  Most of us can’t grow it, but Suntory has bred a tiny 8-inch-high version of bougainvillea that we can enjoy.  Sunvillea Dwarf Bougainvillea is great in containers and as annual bedding plants.  They won’t survive below 30ºF, but containers can be brought indoors to winter in a sunny window.  Look for them at local garden centers.

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I want the petunia pellets

I want the petunia pellets and the cheyenne spirit echinacea where can I get them

Try the Burpee Seed catalog

Try the Burpee Seed catalog for the petunia pellets. Most garden centers will have them growing in pots in spring. Many catalogs such as Territorial Seed and Harris Seeds have the coneflowers. Look for them at garden centers in the spring, too.

ooooh I love the echinacea

ooooh I love the echinacea and the petunias where can I buy them?

Doreen: I've found a number

Doreen: I've found a number of your gardening posts and comments to garden sites and magazines. You allowed me to come to your garden in TX when you were moving and let me take cuttings and some plants.

I've been an admirer of your expertise for a long time!


Thank you Martha for the kind

Thank you Martha for the kind words. It's been a long time! How does your garden grow in these drought times? I'm sure Almanac readers would love to hear about how you cope and what plants do the best for you.

I simply love flowers, and

I simply love flowers, and everyone loves beauty of flowers, the pictures of flowers shared in this post are wonderful! Really enjoyed it!


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