Freezing Brussels Sprouts

How to Freeze Brussels Sprouts

January 29, 2019
Brussels Sprouts Ready to Harvest

Brussels sprouts are not the easiest vegetable to grow. I actually gave up on them years ago as they were consistently very small. Then I learned a couple of growing tricks—plus, how to freeze brussels sprouts.

The first trick is that you need to take off the lower leaves as the sprouts form so that they have room to grow. The second trick is to cut back the top around Labor Day.

After successfully doing these two things this year, our Brussels sprouts are spectacular.


Having planted quite a few plants, it was time to put some Brussels sprouts in the freezer. I cut off the stalks and pulled off all the remaining leaves.

Over a bowl, I cut the sprouts away from the stalk.


Then I went through the pile looking at each one individually and taking away any spoiled or eaten parts. I also cut the bottoms flush with the sprout.


Washing them well, they were ready to be steamed. I divided them into three parts so that they would all steam uniformly.

These were actually medium-sized sprouts so they were steamed for four minutes.

Then they were placed in ice water for another four minutes to cool down and stop the cooking process.

After spinning the excess water off, they were placed on a clean towel to dry a bit more.

Placing them on a cookie sheet so that they would freeze individually, into the freezer they went.

The next morning, they were placed in pint bags, dated, and put back into the freezer.

These will be delicious to get out and bake or steam when the snow flies.


I freeze much of my harvest! Whether you’re a gardener or just don’t want to throw away food, see my tips for freezing spinach and greensfreezing corn, and pix.


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