Blog: One Idea to Repurpose Old Skis

October 13, 2016
Skiing in Powder

My great-grandfather ran a sawmill and was a cabinetmaker who could make just about anything out of wood. My grandfather built his own house using a Sears and Roebuck kit. My father did not inherit any woodworking skills. In fact, his friends used the word “Atwellian” (from our last name) to describe anything that was made without directions and without a whole lot of craftsmanship. My skills have not landed too far from that tree.

A few years ago, my father and I had a bonding experience when I was inspired by the piles of old skis and ski poles in my parents' basement and I enlisted him to help me make a coatrack out of them.

Our project was coming along well. Everything looked fantastic, until we realized that we needed to make a base for the coatrack. A true Atwellian coatrack would not have a base. If the base were too tricky to make, an Atwellian coatrack could be leaned in the corner of a room.

We probably would have gone that route if it weren't for my mother. You see, my mother is the opposite of my father and me. She reads directions and is a perfectionist. She's made beautiful tables, refinished furniture, and caned chairs. She put the finishing touches on our father/daughter project, though neither my father nor I had the patience to help her measure the boards. (You don't need to measure anything Atwellian. You just sort of eyeball it.)

If you are at all interested in getting more details on how I made a coatrack, I regret to inform you that the method is difficult and there are no existing directions. However, I am sure there are many crafty individuals reading this post who might have some ideas to share.  What have you made out of old sports equipment from the basement? Have you completed a fun project lately?